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5 Wharhirst Road, Umbogintwini Industrial Complex, Southgate Entrance, Umbogi

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Private Bag X506, Umbogintwini, 4120

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+27 31 904 9400

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+27 31 904 9404

Welcome to Resinkem

Resinkem (Pty) Ltd is a 50% joint venture between AECI (SA) and Georgia-Pacific (Luxembourg).

Resinkem manufactures and markets formaldehyde, urea formaldehyde resins and phenol formaldehyde resins using expertise from its technology partner, Georgia-Pacific Chemicals.

  Products   Applications
  Formaldehyde Solutions   Fishing, mining, adhesive, animal feed and resin coating industries.
  Urea Formaldehyde Resins   Timber adhesive industries.
  Urea   Agriculture, animal feed and liquid soap industries.
  Animal Feed Supplements   Biocides and fungicides for animal feeds.
  Pulp and Paper Additives   Wet and dry strength resin additives.
  Phenolic Resins   Foundry Industry.

Timber adhesive industries.

  Extenders and Scavengers   Timber adhesive additives.

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