Health and Safety

Resinkem regards well-being of all employees, visitors and the surrounding communities as being of vital importance and essential to the continuing success of our operations.

Resinkem embraces a safety culture and strives towards exemplary performance in the safety and health fields, including the development, manufacture, storage and distribution of all our chemicals.

Workplace Safety

Resinkem works on a Total Recordable Incident Rate (TRIR), which includes all fatalities, lost time and non-lost time injuries, but excludes first aid injuries this includes both employees’  and contractors on site.

Analysis of Incidents

Resinkem focuses on all incidents by conducting a thorough investigation of all recordable injuries, which include fatalities; lost time, non-lost time and first aid injuries. Resinkem also does an incident recall system to ensure that all learning’s captured from previous incidents are recalled to ascertain measures are still in place to prevent a similar incident from happening again.


Health and Safety education is of utmost importance, employees, contractors and temporary employees receive training on an on going basis within the health and safety fields. These include but not limited to: risk assessments, internal audits, incident investigations, confined space entry, health and safety representative, fire-fighting, first aid, Annual SHE Inductions.

Employee Health

Occupational illness tracking and Reporting
  This is done after confirmation of the diagnosis by an occupational medicine doctor. Sometimes other specialists e.g. ear, nose and throat specialist are consulted. Similarly to accidents in the workplace, investigation is done to identify the root cause and advice on prevention technologies, such as engineering changes or personal protective equipment (PPE).

Managing Risks Related to Resinkem Products

Chemical Substance
  A medical surveillance programme is in place whereby all employees in the workplace who are exposed to such chemicals receive targeted medical examinations. Controls to minimize the risk, e.g. ventilation extraction systems on the plants, are continuously monitored and upgraded when required.
User Information
  Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) as well as the product Data Sheets of all our products are available.